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Improving The Way Organizations Improve

If your organization is ready for performance improvement that’s meaningful, measurable and truly sustainable, Renshi Consulting Group is your most valuable ally.


We understand that people and their organizations are unique. We tailor our approach and the tools we use to best achieve the opportunities we identify through scrupulous observation of your organization in action.

Individuals carry within them an infinite number of ideas that when released, benefit themselves and their companies and families. We release those ideas.


Effective implementation is the backbone of our work: by developing high-performing teams, nurturing accountability at every level of your company, and bringing your employees’ talents and energy into perfect alignment with your corporate vision and strategy,

we deliver meaningful bottom-line improvement.Guaranteed.


Real sustainable changes in employee engagement, retention and idea generation resulting in higher Gross Margin and Recycle Ratios that improve your effective use of capital.

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