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As veterans of the trenches, Renshi's team understand the fear that coexists with a push for real performance improvement; so we've developed an approach that creates a sense of ownership and accountability from the executive leadership team down to front line managers – one that leaves people feeling "Those Renshi guys…they know how to make performance improvement achievable."

The Renshi approach is far more than a catalyst for improvement. It's a rigorous, research-based methodology that has repeatedly proven its effectiveness in creating business cultures that empower people to perform and makes "change for the better" self-sustaining.

Our approach follows four fundamental steps
1 Determine your ASPIRATIONS – Renshi is relentlessly focused on the pursuit and achievement of strategic imperatives, so setting clear and measureable goals at the outset is crucial.
2 ASSESS your existing business environment – This step involves our full immersion into the client's culture and ways of working. Through "fly on the wall" observations and candid interviews, we zero in on a company's missed opportunities for meaningful, sustainable performance improvement.
3 PLAN how you change – The opportunities we identify during Step 2 become the framework for a practical, tactical plan of action. This is the roadmap that clearly identifies the avenues toward nurturing meaningful action and improvement over the long term and empowering organizations and the people within them to set, pursue and achieve ambitious goals.
4 IMPLEMENT for greatness – To help clients implement their plans of action, Renshi draws upon an array of tools proven to facilitate performance improvement when applied correctly under the correct conditions. We don't set clients up with mysterious tools and then leave them to fend for themselves; from Renshi, clients get the individualized attention and hands-on coaching necessary for successful implementation and sustainable results.