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Do Goals Improve Employee Involvement?

Leaders must communicate strategy for employee engagement

Improve Employee Involvement Using Processes Not Goals.

Over my years as a consultant, entrepreneur and employee I have created a lot of goals. When I look back on them, they were all pretty much useless. They were useless because we spent a lot of time determining what the goals should be. We reviewed the goals quarterly and yearly. But where did that get us? The goals were lagging indicators. If we did, or did not achieve them,

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Increasing Productivity: Quick Guide

Quick guide to productivity


Many of our clients come to us for help with improving productivity. First, we help them by improving employee confidence, which allows them to create new ideas. Second, we teach clients to develop structure to capture and implement these great ideas. And finally, we show clients how to track the implementation of these new ideas and their effects on profitability.

During this process, senior leaders often hear their people complaining about the added stress this puts on their day.

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Marketing Tools & Techniques: Are You Getting Results?

marketing tools, results, ROI

We’re living in the age of exploding B2B marketing horizons. It seems like every robust business is assembling a top-notch marketing team, and even smaller businesses do their best to keep up via clever, ever-evolving web tools. Indeed, investing in a diversified arsenal of marketing tools and techniques is a must.

Of course, as with any investment, your eye should be on the ROI prize: marketing needs to yield the kind of results that more than pay for themselves.

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4 Rules of Improv Every Business Leader Should Follow

improv for employee engagement retention productivity

Improvisational comedy provides a framework for new horizons in corporate leadership

Improv is a form of live entertainment wherein the material is generated and riffed on live, in the moment. Sufficiently hilarious improv performers have gone from starring in the famed improv theatre scenes of Chicaco (Second City) and New York (Upright Citizens Brigade) to producing their own successful improv-based sketch television shows (Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock).

Improv is devised on the spot,

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How to Kill With Criticism (It’s Easier Than You Think!)

criticism employee engagement

Improve employee engagement, productivity, and retention through criticism that’s actually effective

Finding the right way to offer commentary to your employees is vital. Get it right, and you can fix any number of problems in your business. Get it wrong, and you risk losing money, losing your employees, and losing your mind.


A Fable

Susan was a bright girl with a powerful intrinsic curiosity. In high school,

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What Makes an Entrepreneur

entrepreneur, ceo, leader


Conner Brown wrote a paper on entrepreneurship. Here it is.

Philip Uglow and Renshi Consulting Group

“It has to be fun or it’s not worth doing.”  (Uglow 2015)

Philip Uglow is an entrepreneur at heart. Phil has started several successful businesses, branching out on his own in his mid-twenties, leaving behind a lucrative family construction business. His entrepreneurial spark is fuelled by his passion for learning and curiosity with an intense focus on leadership and how to empower others.

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5 Public Speaking Mistakes CEOs Make


Stay away from these leadership presentation gaffes

It is abundantly clear that CEOs need to know how to speak publicly in a concise, attention-grabbing, attention-keeping, and inspiring way. It might be the requirement to address a board of directors, an opportunity to tell the company’s story on television, or a spot on a panel at an industry event; whatever form your next public speaking engagement takes, your business’s success is at stake when you take the stage.

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6 Steps for Acquisition Success


How to Maximize Improvement for Both Acquirer and Target After M&A

50% of acquisitions are unsuccessful. That’s scary for the acquirer who’s taken a financial risk, and perhaps even scarier for the often smaller and less veteran target. Even huge businesses, some of which are serial acquirers, make mistakes. Meanwhile, successful acquisitions can spell out major ROI for the acquirer and fat dividends for investors.

That’s why there’s always tons of speculation over which targets powerful companies might acquire.

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The One Resolution Business Leaders Should Make This New Year


The secret to sustained business goal progression this coming year might surprise you

I’ll just say it: in their typical format, New Year’s resolutions are stupid. This might be evident to you from personal experience, and if not, rest assured that the numbers speak for themselves: only 8% of people achieve their resolutions each year.

I know. I’m the Grinch Who Stole New Year. In that spirit, here are a few reasons the typical New Year’s resolution (NYR) is doomed to fail:

Unrealistic – NYRs tend to encompass a scope that’s simply unachievable: Increase productivity by 170%,

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Performance Improvement in the Long-Haul: Your Company in 100 Years


Artist Katie Paterson created a project that won’t be seen for a century. See how this idea is significant to your business’s performance today.


On a flight last week, I opened a left-behind fashion magazine and read an unexpected gem: a short piece about a Scottish artist named Katie Paterson, who has conceived of a fascinating project in Norway:

“A thousand trees have been planted in Nordmarka, a forest just outside Oslo,

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