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From the beginning, Renshi has focused on lowering company costs. Sustaining these cost reduction improvements is imperative. Experienced entrepreneurial performance management coaches guide your employees to these achievements.

You may be in Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, or any other employee intensive industry. It doesn’t matter. Renshi’s results will impress.

Finally, a simple and natural way to improve employee engagement and idea flow.

Your leaders learn on site, in the moment, when they are most busy with real work. This is when they learn. This is when they change.

We believe in

Creating Doers,

not Followers

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What you learn

Coaching skills

Coaching like you’ve never seen before.
Pull not Push.
What’s preventing you from …?



Getting Things Done.
Capturing Ideas.
Action on Ideas.
Tracking Results.


Thinking About Thinking.
Articulating Effectively.
Problem Solving.

We believe its

all about you

What you achieve

Sure you get lower costs. You also get sustainability. So what is sustainability? Your people are doing things. They are creating and pushing ideas to you. More ideas = lower costs. They are not waiting for you to tell them what to do. Opportunities are being acted upon. They are not missed. Employees are using metrics to analyze their business. Not because they have to. Because they want to. They enjoy getting things done and want to do more.

Finally, a natural, sustainable way to achieve lower costs, better safety, and ideas.

When your employees get things done it feels good. They want more. All this results in lower costs, better safety, more ideas, and profit.

What We Do

At Renshi we understand every company is unique, has hidden ideas ready to release and wants to do a good job.

We release ideas and achieve goals. We do this by pulling those ideas from your employees rather than pushing ours. We track your teams’ progression towards goals and provide positive recognition.

We do this by inserting full-time Performance Management Coaches (PMC’s), into your operation.

When the ideas start flowing – great things happen.

Costs reduce and employee involvement increases. It becomes easier to attract and keep those great employees.

Reviews & Endorsements

Renshi Testimonial

“Renshi worked with our leaders building their confidence. The number of new cost reduction ideas implemented is astounding. +$20 million in savings.”

– Timmy Walker, VP Operations

Reviews & Endorsements

Renshi Testimonial

“My divisions weren’t communicating. In under 6 months Renshi got them talking. Things got done. Engagement improved. Our gross magin increased 12%!”

– Anne Hoffman, CEO

Reviews & Endorsements

Renshi testimonial

“Renshi is different. They didn’t come in and tell us what to do. They taught us how to make things happen. How to get things done. Employee ideas and action have driven down costs by over $15 million”

– Lester King, VP Operations

Reviews & Endorsements

Renshi testimonial

“I brought Renshi in to improve our leadership acumen. They did that and more. My leaders are now generating ideas and getting things done. Before I had to keep asking for input. Not any more.”

– Lyle Drake, President

Reviews & Endorsements

Renshi testimonial

“We needed drastic cost reduction to stay competitive. Renshi taught our leadership team how to generate, capture and implement ideas. We are now the industry leader in cost performance.”

– Ikraam Ahmad, CEO

Reviews & Endorsements

Renshi testimonial

“We were growing rapidly. Renshi helped our leadership team handle the growth by getting things done. Our costs fell by 5%.”

– Amber Oliver, President

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We Stay With You

After our engagement ends we check back with you every six months. We do this to answer questions.

These visits sustain your achievements.



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Oil and Gas


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A Few of Our leaders

Martin Mendez, Director - Houston

Sanjana Pillai, Director - Toronto

Joseph Kramer, Director-New York

Tony Nash, Director - Seattle

Ervin May, Director - Chicago

Philip Uglow, Founder

Lower Your Costs

We know you, and your team are smart. We know you are unique.

At Renshi, our focus is to draw out that intelligence. Get people articulating new ideas. Acting on them. Measuring them.

Getting things done.

When that happens, you’ll see employee engagement rise and costs fall. Remember, Renshi never leaves you. We are there to answer questions years after we leave.

It’s all about you.



Founded in Calgary





Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Calgary, AB, Renshi has grown to over 100 employees. Clients recognize us as their best consultancy to work with.

You can find us in 8 cities across the U.S., and Canada.


Renshi Consulting Group Ltd.
804 – 1110- 11 Street SW
Calgary, AB, Canada, T2R 1S5

Renshi Consulting Group Ltd.
111 W. Jackson, Suite 1700
Chicago, IL, 60604

Renshi Consulting Group Ltd.
Pennzoil Place
700 Milam, Suite 1300
Houston, TX, 77002

New York
Renshi Consulting Group Ltd.
One Liberty Plaza
165 Broadway, 23rd Floor
New York City, NY, 10006

Renshi Consulting Group Ltd.
Seafirst Fifth Avenue Plaza
800 Fifth Avenue, Suite 4100
Seattle, WA, 98104

Renshi Consulting Group Ltd.
439 University Ave.
Toronto, ON, Canada, M5G 2N8

Renshi Consulting Group Ltd.
1500 – 701 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada, V7Y 1G5

Renshi Consulting Group Ltd.
1050 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 500
Washington, DC, 20036

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